How to set up an unminified index.js file


Until Shopify started compressing JavaScript server-side, Context came with a compressed (minified) JavaScript file called index.js. The file is optimized for performance and small network payload, but that optimization comes with the trade off of editability. If your theme version is 1.9. or below, the instructions here will apply.

If you or your developer need an uncompressed version of the JavaScript to make custom changes, you can reach out to us at for a copy. Be sure to mention the theme, theme version, and store URL that you need a copy for. We'll send one over on the double!

Please note that our support policy does not cover custom changes or issues that arise from said changes. Make a duplicate of your theme to test changes on!

How to point to the unminified file

Once you have a copy of the uncompressed file, you'll need to upload it to your theme's Assets folder and point to the file. Here's how:

  1. Create a duplicate copy of your theme to work with from your store's Theme library

  2. Open the theme's code editor.

  3. Open the Assets folder from the left side of the code editor.

  4. Click "Add new asset" and choose the index.unmin.js file that you got from your friendly theme support specialist.

  5. Open the theme.liquid file in the Layout folder.

  6. Search (cmd + f on a Mac, ctrl + f on a PC) for "index.js".

  7. Change index.js to index.unmin.js (or the name of the file you uploaded to your assets folder).

  8. Hit the "Save" button in the top right corner.