Featured collection

The Featured collection section creates a list of products from one of your collections. You can change the look and feel of the section by changing how many products it displays.

On mobile devices, the featured collection becomes a left-to-right swipeable collection.

You can add a featured collection section to the home page. This section can be displayed before or after any other home page section.

To set up a featured collection:

  1. From your Customize theme editor, choose Home page from the pages drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

  2. Scroll down the list of home page sections and click the Add section button.

  3. Choose Featured collection from the list of sections.

    This opens the featured collection settings.

  4. Choose a Collection from your store's list of collections.

    For more information about collections, see Shopify's Collections guide.

  5. Change the Heading, subheading, and link text.

  6. Change the Heading alignment

    When you change the Heading alignment setting, this slightly changes the layout of the section.

    The following image outlines the layout differences:

  7. Change the Products per row and the number of Rows displayed.

  8. Choose an Image aspect ratio for all product images.

    This setting auto-crops images to a single aspect ratio, making it easy to quickly add images and make them look uniform.

    Use the Natural option if you don't want images to be auto-cropped.

  9. Return to the list of Home page sections to find your new Featured collection section.

    Use the drag handles to rearrange the order of your Home page sections:

  10. Click Save.

Settings reference

The featured collection section has the following settings:


Select a collection from your store's existing collections.

For more information about collections see Shopify's Collections guide.

Heading text

Change the heading displayed above the collection's list of products.

We recommend keeping this to just a few words long.


Provide a line or two of additional text about the featured collection.

Provide text that should be used as a call to action to view the collection. For example, "Shop now" or "Shop the collection".

Heading alignment

Choose where the heading and subheading for this section should be placed. This can be Left, Center or Right.

Products per row

Change the amount of products shown per row. You can choose between 2 and 4 products per row.

On mobile devices the amount of products per row might change. This depends on how wide the customer's mobile device screen is.


Change how many rows of products from the collection should be displayed. Choose between 1 and 4.

Image aspect ratio

Use this setting to automatically crop images to a specific aspect ratio. Choose from Square (1:1), Landscape (3:2), or Portrait (2:3) aspect ratios.

Choose Natural if you do not want your images to be cropped.

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