The Newsletter section lets you promote your email newsletter with an on-page signup form.

Note that the Popup and Footer features also include a newsletter signup block, so you might want to check those out, too.

Newsletter subscribers are added to your "accepts marketing" Shopify Customers list. You can learn more about how to manage Shopify customer emails from their Email subscriber list management and Using Shopify Email for email marketing article.

Add a newsletter section to your home page

To add the newsletter section:

  1. From your Customize theme editor, choose Home page from the pages drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

  2. Scroll down the list of home page sections and click the Add section button.

  3. Choose Newsletter from the list of sections.

    This opens the newsletter section settings.

  4. Add a Heading and Subheading.

    You may want to play with the rich text in the subheading, adding bold or italic text, and adding a link or two if relevant.

  5. Return to the list of Home page sections to find your new Newsletter section.

    Use the drag handles to rearrange the order of your Home page sections:

  6. Click Save.

Settings reference

The newsletter section has the following settings:


Add heading text.

We recommend keeping this to a just a few words long.


Add subheading text.

We recommend keeping this to a paragraph or two. You can use the rich text options to add bold and italic text. You can also add links.

Subheading max width

Set the maximum width of the subheading text.

Outline section

When you enable an Outline section setting, it removes the section background, letting your store's global background color to show through. It then adds a border around the section, which uses your store's border color setting.

For more information about color settings, see the Colors article.