Featured products

The Featured products section lets you feature up to 3 products alongside your own custom marketing text and an image. This section is perfect for showcasing a look or outfit with multiple items. :

To set up a featured products section:

  1. From your Customize theme editor, choose Home page from the pages drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

  2. Scroll down the list of home page settings until you see the Add section button.

  3. Choose Featured products from the list of sections.

    This opens the Featured products section settings.

  4. Select or upload an Image to be used alongside the collection.

  5. Select the Image position: either Left or Right.

  6. Add Heading and Subheading text to be displayed above the featured products.

  7. Add a Link and Link text to be used with a call to action button under the featured products.

    If you're linking to a specific collection, you might want to use text like "Shop the collection" or "Shop the look".

  8. (Optional.) Check the Enable contrast checkbox to use Ira's contrast color set.

    Contrast colors are a great way to break up your home page and make it more interesting.

    You can configure these colors from Ira's Colors settings.

  9. (Optional.) Choose whether to Enable full width.

    Enabling this setting removes any borders around the section, letting it fill the entire width of the screen.

  10. Return to the list of Home page sections to find your new Featured products section with the content blocks nested below.

Use the drag handles to rearrange the order of the blocks:

  1. Use the Add Product button to add up to 3 featured products.

    You can use the Remove block button within each added product's settings if you want to remove them entirely.

  2. Click Save.

Settings reference

The featured products section has the following settings:


Select or upload an image to be associated with the current section.

Image position

Change where the image appears in relation to the featured products. Either Left or Right.


Add heading text to be used above the list of featured products.

We recommend keeping this to just a few words long.


Add subheading text to be displayed below the heading text.

We recommend keeping this to a short sentence or two.

Choose a page from your store to be link to from the section's call to action button.

Add text to be used on the call to action button

Enable contrast

Use your store's contrast colors for this section.

Enable full width

Check this checkbox to remove the outer margins from this section, making it span the entire width of the screen.

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