Collection pages

The Collection pages section includes settings to change the look and feel of product collection pages.

This article is just about the collection pages settings. For more information about the other sections you can add to collection pages, see the article about the Collection pages template.

Using the collections template

The Default collections template provides the layout and style of your collection pages. Use the theme editor to preview, create, and customize collections templates with Ira's available sections and theme settings.

If you want to create custom layouts and styles for different collection pages, see the next section on how to create and assign multiple collections templates.

To preview and edit a template

  1. Use the Templates selector in the theme editor to open a template.

  2. Under Preview, click Change to see how your different pages will look with this template.

    If a warning icon (!) appears, you will need to assign the template to your page in the Shopify admin. You must have a purchased copy of the theme to assign templates.

  3. To assign a template, go to the your page in the Shopify admin and use the Theme template menu to select a specific template.

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  1. After editing, remember to Click Save.

Create and assign multiple templates

If you want to customize your collection pages with different settings or sections, you can create a new template and then assign your new template to specific collection pages in the Shopify admin.

Note: On the trial version, templates cannot be assigned to pages. Templates can be customized and created using the Preview setting in the theme editor, but templates can be assigned in the Shopify admin only after purchasing the theme.

To create and assign a new template

Change the collection pages settings

From the Collection pages settings, you can change the look and feel of the collections being displayed:

Settings reference

Collection image style

Either Text only, Half width image or Full width image.

You need to add an image to your collection from the Shopify dashboard before an image will be displayed.

Image position

Choose which part of the collection image should be considered the center. This is used in the case that a collection image needs to be cropped.

For example, if you choose Bottom right, the bottom right corner of the image will be not be cropped, while the top left corner may be cropped out.

Enable full width

Check this to make the collection image span the width of the page. This is required to use the transparent header feature.

Show collection description

Check this checkbox to show the collection description

If you use the Collection image style setting Full width image, the following settings are also available:

Overlay opacity

Use the slider to choose how opaque the overlay color should be. Where 0% is invisible and 100% is completely opaque.


Pick the color of the overlay.


Pick the color of the heading text.


Pick the color of the subheading text.

The following settings apply to all Collection image style options:

Show sidebar

Choose whether the sidebar with sort options and product filter should be displayed.

Show sort options

Choose whether the sort options should be displayed.

This only applies if Show sidebar is enabled.

Filter style

Choose a filter style, either Hidden (no product filter enabled), Tags or Groups.

For more information about how the Groups filter style works, see the How to set up the "Groups" filter style article.

This only applies if Show sidebar is enabled.

Products per row

Choose how many products should be displayed per row. Either 2, 3, or 4.

Products per page

Choose how many products should be displayed per page. Choose anywhere between 2 and 24.

Image aspect ratio

Use this setting to automatically crop images to a specific aspect ratio. Choose from Square (1:1), Landscape (3:2), or Portrait (2:3) aspect ratios.

Choose Natural if you do not want your images to be cropped.

How to set up the "Groups" filter style

In the Collection page settings, you can choose from two Filter styles to filter products with. This article helps you set up the Groups product filter style.

This filter style adds multiple groups (like Material, Sex, or Size) that customers may want to filter by.

Note that to use this filter style, you need to add special tags to your products. You may want to read Shopify's Creating and using tags article.

Settings reference

The filter looks for tags in the format Group_Filter, where Group is the tag group (like Color, Size, Material, and so on) and Filter is the name of the tag. It is important that you use an _ underscore as a separator.

As an example, see the following products and their tags:

If these products were part of the same collection, there would be three filterable tags (Large, Small, Bag) in two groups (Size, Type).

They would be displayed like this:


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