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We rebuilt and released Spark 2.0 in 2021 for Shopify's Online Store 2.0 ↗ (OS2). OS2 offers a new streamlined experience to create the store you want with ease, flexibility, and a host of powerful features.

Learn how to upgrade to Spark OS2 for free.

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“How can I set up accordions in my product page descriptions?”

Spark makes use of a special syntax in your product description to convert its content into accordion dropdowns. This way, you can add product-specific information to each product. Follow the steps here to add them. Here's a tool you can use to generate the accordion code

"How do I show swatches on my product pages?"

If the swatches setting is enabled, Spark looks for images in your store's files area that match the name of your color variants. The step by step instructions can be found here.

"How can I organize my tags by group on the collection pages?"

Spark uses a special tag syntax of Group_Tag for tags. You can learn more here.

“Can I edit the theme code?”

Once you purchase the theme, you will have full access to your code. We highly recommend backing up your theme before making any edits and keeping track of any additions to transfer over for any future theme updates.

“Want to hear a great idea for a feature that Spark doesn't have yet?”

Yes! We are actively developing new features for our themes in direct collaboration with our merchants. You can suggest a feature on our feedback board.

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