You can show customers a promotional popup notification if it looks like they might leave your store.

Spark looks for the customer's "exit intent." If the customer opens a new browser tab, or a mouse accelerates to the edge of the screen, Spark willl trigger the popup.

The popup feature encourages customers to sign up for your email newsletter.

Newsletter subscribers are added to your "accepts marketing" Shopify Customers list. You can learn more about how to manage Shopify customer emails from their Email subscriber list management and Using Shopify Email for email marketing article.

Note that the Newsletter home page section and Footer features also include a newsletter signup block, so you might want to check those out, too.

Set up the popup

  1. From your Customize theme editor, select the Popup section.

  2. Check the Enable checkbox to enable the popup feature.

  3. (Optional.) Use the Select image button to choose or upload an image to be displayed as the popup background.

  4. (Optional.) If you have added an image, choose the Image position: either Top, Center, or Bottom. Note that these options will change how your image is cropped.

  5. Change the Heading and Subheading text.

  6. If you uploaded an image, change the Overlay Opacity.

    At 0% the overlay color will be transparent and 100% will make it completely opaque.

    This option will do nothing if no image has been uploaded.

  7. Change and match the Overlay, Text, Button background, and Button text color.

    You can click on the color swatch to use the color selector or add a hexcode. Use the Currently used colors to ensure a perfect match with your other site colors.

  8. Click Save.

Settings reference

The popup feature has the following settings:


Turn the popup feature on.


Select or upload an image to be used as part of the popup.

Image position

Choose a position for the image: either Top, Center, or Bottom.


Add heading text for the popup.

We recommend keeping this to less than 7 words long.


Add subheading text to be displayed below the heading.

We recommend keeping this to a sentence or two.

Overlay Opacity

Choose a background color for the popup.

Overlay color

Choose a text color for the popup. This is used for both the heading and subheading.


Choose a background color for the field where a customer would enter an email address.

Button Background

Choose a text color for the text entered by the customer.

Button Text

Choose a text color for the label for the subscribe button.