Collection list

The Collection list section adds a list of collections as a section on your home page. You can choose which of your collections are displayed.

Add a collection list

To set up a collection list section:

  1. From your Customize theme editor, choose Home page from the pages drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

  2. Scroll down the list of home page settings until you see the Add section button.

  3. Choose Collection list from the list of sections.

  4. Choose the Style for the section, either Default or Contrast.

    If you select Contrast, this section uses Lorenza's contrast colors.

  5. Pick the Text position for this section.

    This places the section heading either before or beside the collection products. Choose between Top left, Top center, Top right, Middle left or Middle right options.

    Here's an example of the Top center option, where the heading is displayed before the list of collections:

    Here's an example of the Middle left option, where the heading is displayed beside the list of collections:

  6. Choose how many Columns of products to display at a time.

    Choose between 2 and 4 columns. If you choose the Middle left or Middle right text alignment options, the text counts as a column.

    Note that on mobile devices only one column is shown at a time.

  7. Choose the Image aspect ratio to be used for all collection images.

    Use Natural to use the original images. Or, use Square (1:1), Landscape (3:2), or Portrait (2:3) to have the images cropped to match one another.

  8. Add a Small heading, Heading, and Subheading.

These all appear in the header area of the section.

  1. Choose a Max width of text, between 16 and 50.

    The text max width lets you control the shape of the text, and make it look good no matter how long your collection descriptions are.

  2. Return to the list of Home page sections to find your new Collection list section with the content blocks nested below.

Use the drag handles to rearrange the order of the blocks:

  1. Use the Add collection button to add any collections you want to feature in the list.

    You can also use the Remove block button to remove a collection from this section entirely.

  2. Click Save.

Settings reference

The collections list section has the following settings:

Add collection

Use this button add collections to your list.


Choose a section style, either Default or Contrast. This affects the colors of the current section.

Text position

Choose a position for all of the header and link text for the current section.


Use the slider to choose how many products should be displayed side by side. You can choose between 2 and 4.

Image aspect ratio

Choose the aspect ratio for all product images displayed.

Use Square (1:1), Landscape (3:2), or Portrait (2:3) to have the images cropped to match one another

Use Natural if you do not want your images cropped at all.

Small heading

Change the small heading text displayed above the main heading.


Change the heading displayed in the header area the section.

We recommend keeping this to just a few words long.


Add subheading text.

We recommend a single, short paragraph.