Information popup

The Information popup displays extra information about your products, like a size guide or other details about your product variants.

Here's an example of an information popup used as a size guide::

Before you add an Information popup

Before you enable your Information popup, you will need to create a page using the Shopify admin.

Using the rich text editor, you can tables, images, links, and other rich text to display in the popup modal.

Pages are a Shopify feature. You can learn more about creating pages from Shopify's Pages documentation.

The information popup is associated with product option that you choose for your product variants.

Variants are a Shopify feature. You can learn more about creating options and variants for your products from Shopify's Variants documentation.

Configure your Information popup

You can add an Information popup as a link beside one your product options (for example, Size, Material or Style)

To set up an Information popup:

  1. From your Customize theme editor, scroll to the bottom of the editor and select Theme settings.

  2. Choose the Product section in the theme settings.

  3. Change the Option name for information popup

    This name should be the exact name given to one of your variant options.

    Note that the Information popup will appear on any product with this variant option.

  4. Change the Information popup link text.

  1. Use the Select page button to choose the page you have created to display as the popup.

  2. Click Save.

Settings reference

The popup feature has the following settings:

Option name for Information popup

Add the exact option name of your product variants for your Information Popup. The popup link will appear next to this option.

Change the text of the link that opens the Information popup.

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