Lorenza includes templates for each page type that Shopify supports.

Home page

Lorenza's home page is incredibly customizable. It's one of Lorenza's core features. You can completely customize the pages content using over a dozen home page section layouts.

For a better idea of just how flexible this page is, we recommend that you visit all of our store demos: Chic, Modern, and Natural.

For more information about customizing the home page, see the following articles for each section you can add in the order they appear in the Theme customizer.

  • Blogs

  • Blog posts

  • Collection

  • Collection list

  • Collection list grid

  • Featured collection

  • Featured collection grid

  • Image

  • Collage

  • Image with text

  • Image with text split

  • Slideshow

  • Slideshow split

  • Product

  • Featured product

  • Testimonials

  • Promotional

  • Gallery

  • Newsletter

  • Store information

  • Map

  • Text

  • Quote

  • Rich text

  • Text columns with images

  • Video

  • Video

Collection pages

Lorenza's Collection pages template is used for all of your collections. Next to the home page, it's Lorenza's most customizable template.

And here it is on a mobile device::

See our article about the Collection pages section for more information about collection page-specific settings.

In addition to changing the look and feel how the collection items are displayed, you can add the following sections to your collection pages:

  • Testimonials

  • Featured collection

  • Gallery

Note that these settings and sections are shared between all of your store's collection.


You can customize how your Blogs page looks. The blogs page is where you can find a list of all your blog posts.

For more information about Shopify's blogs features, see their Blogs documentation.

Customize your blogs page

To customize your blogs page:

  1. From your Customize theme editor, choose Blogs from the pages drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

  2. Select Blog pages from the list of sections.

  3. Choose which Layout style should be used.

    Here's an example of the Latest blog post is featured layout:

    And here's an example of the 3 blog posts per row layout:

  4. Choose whether to Show RSS link.

    RSS is a way for customers to subscribe to your blog. Only some people use it, but the people who do love it. Learn more about it from RSS.com's article How Do RSS Feeds Work?.

    The RSS link looks like this:

  5. Click Save.

Settings reference

The Blog pages template has the following settings:

Layout style

Choose from two layouts: either Latest post is featured or 3 blog posts per row.

Check this checkbox to show an RSS link that goes to the current blog's RSS feed.

Blog posts

With Lorenza, blog posts are formatted beautifully, just like the rest of the store. If you've added a featured image to you blog post, it's displayed boldly before the body content::

While adding a new blog post, just use the Featured image field::

For more information, see Shopify's Writing a blog post documentation.


Lorenza's cart page is simple and shows customers exactly what they need to see.

Here it is on a mobile device::

By default, the cart page is automatically updated whenever the customer makes changes to their cart contents. Even if they do it in another browser tab. We recommend leaving this setting alone, but it can be turned off.

Set up the cart page

To customize the cart page:

  1. From your Customize theme editor, choose Cart from the pages drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

  2. Select Cart page from the list of sections.

  3. Choose whether to Enable automatic cart updates.

    Turning this off means that customers may need to refresh the page to see the latest changes to their cart.

  4. Go to the Theme settings settings tab and press Cart for additional cart settings.

    You can learn more about these settings from the theme settings Cart article.

Settings reference

The cart page has the following settings:

Enable automatic cart updates

Check this checkbox to automatically refresh the cart contents whenever it is changed.

This setting is enabled by default.

Collections list

You can change the look and feel of your /collections/all page, which is where a customer can view a list of all of your product collections.

And here it is on a mobile device::

By default all of your collections are shown. But Lorenza can help you override this behavior, and let you instead show a list of collections you want to feature.

For more information about collections, see Shopify's Collections

Set up your collections list page

To set up your collections list page:

Settings reference

The following settings are available for the collections list template:

Add collection

If your Select collections to show settings is set to Selected you must add each collection you want to show manually using this button.

Select collections to show

Choose either All or Selected.

If you choose featured, make sure to scroll to the top of these settings and Add collections.


Use the slider to display between 2 and 4 collections per row.

Image aspect ratio

Choose the aspect ratio for all collection images displayed.

Use Square (1:1), Landscape (3:2), or Portrait (2:3) to have the images cropped to match one another

Use Natural if you do not want your images cropped at all.

Collection title alignment

Choose to align collection titles, either Left or Center.

Show product count

Select this checkbox to show the product count for each collection. The count is displayed below the collection title.

Product pages

Lorenza's Product pages template lets you change the look and feel of your product pages, including adjustable layouts and sections that highlight other parts of your store to keep customers engaged. You can also add Swatches, Product Reviews, and an Information Popup.


To set up features for your product pages, see the following articles:

If you're looking to add sections to your product pages, here are some quick links to get you started:

  • Text

  • Gallery

  • Recommended products

To learn about all of Lorenza's product page settings and features, jump over to the full Product pages template article.


Pages are a Shopify feature. You can learn more about creating pages from Shopify's Pages documentation. Lorenza styles all pages to match your theme and theme settings.

You may be interested in Lorenza's special page templates:

  • About page

  • Contact page

Or you may be interested adding image grids or accordions to your page content:

  • How to add an image grid

  • How to add an accordion

About page

Pages are a Shopify feature. You can learn more about creating pages from Shopify's Pages documentation. Lorenza styles all pages to match your theme and theme settings.

You can change the page template to page.about, which allows you to prepend your page with up to 5 images and a small heading above your page title.

How to set up an about page

To make any page into an about page:

How to customize my new about page

Bonus: You can also add special content layouts to your about pages.

Settings reference

About pages have the following settings.

Small heading

Add a mini heading to the about page. We recommend keeping this to a word or two.

For each image you add to the about page:


Add or upload an image for the current about page collage block.

Paste a link to an MP4 file that should be auto-played in the about page collage block, taking the place of the image.

Settings reference

You can upload videos to your about page, instead of displaying images. Before you start setting this up, you should know a few things:

✓ You'll need your video as an MP4 video file.

✓ For the best customer experience, we strongly recommend using a 20- to 30-second video that's under 10MB in size.

✗ You can't use a service like YouTube or Vimeo to host this video. Our Video section is designed for those.

Host the video file with Shopify

To use Shopify to host this video file: