Recommended products

You can add a Recommended products section to product pages on your store. This section appears underneath the main product information.

This section recommends products based on Shopify's Product recommendations algorithm, which takes into account a number of factors, like other products that are in the same collection(s) as the current product, products with similar descriptions, or items that have been commonly purchased together. :

For more information about product recommendations, see Shopify's Product recommendations guide.

To set this section up:

  1. From your theme's "Customize" screen, choose Product pages from the pages drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

  2. Select the Recommended products section from the list of sections.

  3. Check the Enable checkbox to enable the recommended products section.

  4. Change the Heading.

  5. Change the number of Columns of products.

  6. Click Save.

Settings reference

The recommended products section has the following settings:


Check this checkbox to enable the recommended products section.


Change the heading displayed above the list of products.

We recommend keeping this to just a few words long.


Change the amount of products shown. You can choose between 2 and 4 products.

On mobile devices the amount of products may change. This depends on how wide the customer's mobile device screen is.